Would You Like The Revolutionary Systems Library That Allowed An Ordinary Personal Trainer To Go From Dead Broke To $3.2 Million In Fitness Revenue in Just 3 Years?

Attention Fitness Entrepreneur:

In this letter, I'll show you a little-known secret that has been quietly helping hundreds of fitness entrepreneurs scale their businesses — without sales rejection or fear of spending money on advertising.

Hundreds of fit pros just like you are building successful fitness empires using simple SYSTEMS like the ones I am about to show you...

In fact, with these simple systems…

They Are Able To Work Less, Make More Money, Enjoy More Life, AND Confidently Predict Their Revenue Month After Month and Year After Year!

Hi, my name is Brian Devlin.

I'm a fitness entrepreneur and direct marketing specialist with over 8,000 students around the world — including 7-figure gym owners, health coaches, chiropractors, and physical therapists who make hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year.

I have personally helped thousands of fitness entrepreneurs from "zero to wealthy" doing what they love with the help of my best selling book, Fitness Launch Formula.

And many of my students have achieved total financial freedom with their fitness businesses.

But you want to know something interesting?

Just a few short years ago...I Couldn't Grow My Business If My Life Depended On It!

It's true.

I was 30 years old at the time and after two years in the business, I could count the number of clients I had without any effort (meaning not very many).

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't make sustainable money in fitness — even though I worked it day and night... and even though I did everything the courses I bought told me to do.

I went to every seminar within 300 miles... made an average of 100 (yes one hundred) cold calls per day... and spent every penny I had on books, tapes, and advertising that never "paid for itself."

When I told my fitness business friends about this, they said it must be "me" doing something wrong. That the system I was using was completely "legitimate."

And I just needed to "be more positive... set more goals... call more leads... attend more seminars."

But those things only got me more of the same rejection and frustration. In fact, by this time I was barely scraping by...

I had racked up thousands of dollars in bills... and was so financially in the hole, I had to get roommates to make ends meet.

In truth, I had pretty much given up on ever being successful.

Then one day, almost by accident, I discovered a new way of growing my business after reading an email from a direct marketing genius in Arizona.

A revolutionary set of simple, automated systems that required no cold calling... no going to BNI meetings... no rejection... and virtually no selling. In fact, with these systems...

People Actually Paid Me Handsomely For My Fitness Programs.

I almost couldn't believe it.

I used to spend multiple hundreds of dollars per month on advertising and beg people to let me show them how I could change their lives in 40 days.

But now people were actually seeking me out — just like they would stand in line to attend a concert or movie! The result?

My struggling fitness business changed almost overnight. Money flooded into my bank account — DAILY.

People from around the city (whom I'd never met) started calling me, asking to join my program because they wanted to experience my methods too.

Within just 6 months I was MORE THAN financially stable... and out of the "fitness rat race" forever.

And best of all:

These new clients signed up with no annoying objections... no "hemming and hawing"... and no questions asked.

They simply tracked me down, asked me to show them the plan, and signed up as clients on the spot because my SIMPLE systems had already done the telling and pre-selling for me.

Frankly, the money and success came so fast... and so easy... I thought it was some kind of "fluke."

  • I bought my first home.
  • I purchased a new Jeep Wrangler in cash.
  • I took expensive trips with my girlfriend.
  • I joined expensive masterminds

Fast forward a few months and I showed my method to a few other struggling fitness professionals on my email list and had them try it.

And you know what happened?

They Each Made Money Just As Quickly And Easily As I Did - It was incredible.

I had discovered a new "failure-free" way of systemizing a fitness business that lets even the most "unorganized" and newbie fit pro land dozens of new clients in just a few short weeks.

  • Without wasting money on techniques that just don't work.
  • Without having to hassle clients, family, and neighbors for referrals.
  • Without having to resort to SKEEZY sales tactics.
  • And without wasting a ton of precious time.

And all I ask is you hold off from disbelieving long enough to see the evidence for yourself.

It will take just a few hours, and will help you acquire new fitness clients far faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

It will also help you KEEP them!

Look, here's the cold, hard truth you won't hear at the Thursday night BNI meetings or in your local fit pro facebook group:

In the Internet age…

The "Old School" Prospecting Methods Will Kill Your Chances Of Making Any Real Money In Fitness. In fact, using those "dinosaur" operating tactics is like trying to fill a leaking bucket.

Here's why:

If you follow the old sales "dogma" of cold-calling prospects, handing out flyers, and spending all your money on "Huge Op" ads and FREE "bait-and-switch" 6-Week Challenges — you're almost guaranteed to lose most (probably ALL) of your people to competing providers who don't have to fake free offers to build a clientele.

This means you’ll be forced to prospect every day for the lifespan of your business just to combat the constant attrition (CHURN) that will plague your facility.

You see, the old ways worked great when Facebook was just getting started with their ad platform.

In fact, as I said, people actually chase you when you use this NEW systemized business method.

Sounds almost crazy, doesn't it?

Hey, I understand. Sometimes I still have a hard time believing this is real...

Posting a "Huge Op" ad that leads to an online application form doesn't work as well anymore!

And.. you certainly can't build a profitable business this way anymore unless you understand the deep analytics behind everything you are doing!

But in today's crazy online marketing world, the average fitness client only sticks around for 2 or 3 months (if you're lucky) and they are GONZO before you even get a chance to recoup your marketing costs.

That's how radically the fitness industry changed since the Internet data breaches and the unfortunate Cambridge Analytica Scandal.

So what can you do to make money in fitness today?

It's actually pretty easy:

You Simply Do The Exact Opposite Of What Other Fitness Entrepreneurs Are Doing!

Here's what I mean:

Most people spend all their money and time calling over-priced leads, only to end up talking to some lady named "Jenna" who’s really just looking for a free handout and has no intention of committing.

Others jump from Funnel to Funnel hoping “this one” will be the one that really works out.

But the richest and savviest fitness entrepreneurs don't do ANY of those things. We do not waste money on advertising that lacks ROI.

Instead, We Use What I Call
Automated Authority™.

This is the secret I discovered that quickly gave me (and thousands of people I've taught it to) accelerated financial freedom.

Here's how it works:

  • We do not cold-call prospects.
  • We do not pitch our fitness programs to everyone with a pulse.
  • And we do not bother our friends, family, and neighbors for referrals.

My System Is Based On Two "Core Truths" Of Fitness Businesses In The Internet Age:

1. The old school sales routine of cold calling leads, attending BNI meetings, running Huge Op ads and trying to "convince" people to look at your offer is DEAD.

2: The fastest and easiest way to make money in fitness today is simply to "position" yourself so only the hottest, most qualified prospects come to your business (and ONLY your business).

That's it.

All 24 systems you will implement in The Fit Pro Lab have been splintered off these "Core Truths."

And no matter what all the other fitness business "gurus" say about contacting your family, friends, and neighbors... attending business networking meetings... or cold-prospecting — these are really the only truths you can absolutely count on in fitness marketing today.

And these two pieces of truth are what took me from almost broke to 7 figures in less than 32 months — without wasting money chasing shiny objects.

And guess what?

You can learn how to do the same thing — no matter what type of health and fitness business you're in or if you just signed up your first client yesterday.

In fact, when you use "Automated Authority"... you can immediately start attracting an unlimited number of leads TO YOU, and...

They Will Actually ASK YOU To Show Them Your Programs!

This strategy is the "missing link" that six and seven-figure fitness entrepreneurs know that everyone else doesn't.

And the funny thing is, getting people to come to you and then pay you to be a client... is a LOT easier than you think.

It's WAY easier than getting laughed at by your warm market and dropping your life savings on leads who will slam the phone down on you or end up joining some other fitness business later.

And, my friend, when you know the secret of Automated Attraction... you'll go from being a "desperate prospector" who chases people down... to being an "order taker," with people chasing YOU down — and even pre-paying you for the "privilege" of being a member.

This makes building a fitness clientele as easy and painless as filling out a blank check.

Anyway, getting people to come to you...

and then actually paying top dollar for your services is just one part of my system.

There are dozens of methods and secrets like this that I've been using for years and that will blow your mind.

Like how to get people wanting to join your gym before you talk to them... The RIGHT way to get clients without getting "blacklisted" by facebook....

And how to close sales like a BOSS (not what you think) and onboard your new members like a pro...

Just to name a few...

And while I can't tell you all the secrets I've learned about making tens of thousands of dollars per month in this letter...

There is now a way for you to get them quickly, easily, and without ANY risk.

Here's how:

I Recently Put ALL This Information Into An Easy-To-Follow Implementation Program Called: "The Fit Pro Lab."

This is the "secret weapon" of many of today's most successful fitness entrepreneurs

And it contains 24 of the exact "blueprints" I used to transform a failing, crippled, fitness venture into a six-figure income in just four months and then onto 3.2 million in sales before I sold my businesses last year.

I originally filled notebooks up with ideas when I first started using these simple but powerful systems, because current technology could not support a lot of them... but now... I have an amazing automation tool that helps you deploy these business saving systems effortlessly and without tech headaches.

My wife is currently using a few of these same systems in her chiropractic office and now has a 30-day "waiting list" of people who want to become patients (can you imagine having that "problem?").

So I put my entire Business System Library into one, "revolutionary" implementation program that not only walks you through 24 of the exact systems I created but actually provides ALL the tools, funnels, emails, message scripts, video scripts, playbooks, and more - in one NETFLIX style members area.

We also add new systems every month based on feedback from our members!

This program has since transformed the lives of hundreds of fit pros in every aspect of the industry — including people who struggled to get even a single client.

But anyone can't just join.

You have to go through the approval process.

And, until four months ago, it was ONLY available to my personal coaching clients. However, if you take action and enroll today...

you'll have the opportunity to instantly access these powerful done-for-you systems and all the proprietary automation tools today.

If you are not sure if it is a good fit for you or your business, have no fear. You are protected by my "14-Day Test Drive" Guarantee!

More on that in a second. But first...

Here's Just A Small Taste Of What Is Possible For You With This Life-Changing Implementation Program:

"I Just Bought My Entire Building!"

After working with Brian and The Fit Pro Lab for 1 year, I was able to stop leasing my building and actually bought it! The reason I was able to do this is that our leads now come in droves, convert easily into clients, and stay a lot longer than before - all because we have systems for everything now. This is something I was not able to make happen before The Fit Pro Lab!

Brian Douglas - Sweatshop Union

"Opened My Second Location!"

After joining The Fit Pro Lab, I was able to generate enough new customers, retention, and referrals to open a second location. I am a long- distance owner and would never have dreamed of opening another location without these powerful automated systems.

Aubrey Reinmiller - Vitality Fitness

"Our Enrollments And Revenue Are Up 50% From Last Year!"

When I pulled the trigger on The Fit Pro Lab I was looking for nuggets that would help me increase maybe 5-10%. I never imagined that less than 6 months later our enrollments would constantly be up 50%. I attribute this to getting out of my own way and using the systems offered in The Fit Pro Lab.

Scott Lofquist - Crossfit I35

"I Followed My Heart And Opened My 2nd Dream Studio"

I always work hard. I'm usually "head down" from the time I get up until the time I go to sleep. One thing I haven't always used with my business, is a specific set of systems that enable it to run seamlessly. All that changed after Joining The Fit Pro Lab. After implementing the systems in The Fit Pro Lab and Brian's online playbooks into my challenges, my retention soared and my enrollments doubled.

Dayna Brookes - Drench Fitness

"I Went From Totally Floundering To Booked Solid!"

When I started The Fit Pro Lab, I had a FLOUNDERING Adventure Bootcamp. Using all of Brian's systems, I quickly identified my real passion, opened a mobile "in home" senior fitness business, and I'm now booked solid and interviewing new trainers to help me!"

Phil Nicolaou - Optimal Fitness & Nutrition

"My Camps Are Almost Full!"

When I started with The Fit Pro Lab I was in a pickle. I had an Adventure Boot Camp and was getting CRUSHED by the local FREE 6-Week Challenge band wagon. I had no idea how to compete with my competitors. Brian's systems were integral in getting me re-established as the go-to camp for women in my area! Now my camps are almost full.

Alexis Rougas-Ermilio - Bay State Boot Camp

Ask anyone you know in the fitness arena if they know how to consistently ensure results like THAT.

Chances are they don't.

But YOU will. And when you do... changing lives and making money in fitness becomes as automatic and "routine" as checking your email.

Anyway, here's the bottom line:

After implementing the systems in The Fit Pro Lab you'll never need to "hope-market" again.

Never fear that you won't be able to make rent or struggle to provide for your family again.

And never worry about making your money back from paid advertising.

Instead, customers and prospects will hunt you down — with credit card in hand. Sounds cheesy but it's true...Your prospects will approach you about what you're doing in the fitness arena because you are different and fresh and stand out in a sea of copycat coaches.

And many of your peers laughing at you behind your back right now (for being in that "business automation trend") will come crawling back to you...

Begging For Your Advice On How They Can Scale Their Fitness Business Using Automated Systems.

Once you join this program, you acquire skills and the tools you can use for the rest of your life.

Skills nobody can ever take from you. Skills that are "timeless" — and that will work today, tomorrow... and probably even 100 years from now.

And it’s so easy, too. Just follow my simple "recipe" and, before you know it, you’ll add your first 5K to your monthly revenue...

Then another.

And then another.

..Until, before you know it... you've got an entire fitness machine that changes lives and makes money for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It won't matter if you're on vacation... hanging out with your kids at the beach... or even sound asleep in your bed at night.

Your systems will run everything so you don't have to!

I see this happen ALL The Time when I teach people my systems.

Plus... if you enroll in the Fit Pro Lab today... I'll also give you 4 Extremely Valuable Bonuses you won't find anywhere else, for any price. More on that in a minute...

First... Here's Just A Small Taste Of What You'll Accomplish In This Program During Your Membership:

  • Make as much as $1,000 to $10,000 your first month in new sales... without building complicated sales funnels or desperately cold-calling leads!
    *see earnings disclaimer
  • Reach hundreds of potential fitness clients already looking to join your programs... without making a single phone call or spamming anyone.
  • Stop the #1 "clumsy mistake" fit pros make with their sales consults that kills their chances of signing up new clients.
  • You will ALWAYS work with "excited" prospects... and avoid lazy trainer hoppers who make life difficult.
  • Get hundreds — even thousands — of people interested in fitness to join your email list without even knowing anything about building sales funnels!
  • Deploy the fastest known way to quickly "position" yourself as an expert and attract leads to you — even if you're brand new to the area and don't know a soul.
  • You will avoid "opportunity seekers" and get HIGH-QUALITY leads who will actually answer the phone when you call or even book their own consults!
  • Use our "can't miss" way to instantly gain the respect and admiration of every single prospect in your area — even if you have never advertised!
  • Deploy the "Trump" method to effectively answering questions and objections from your prospects in a way that makes them want to become a customer.
  • Implement the 10-step onboarding process we do with our new customers to guarantee retention and referrals from almost everyone we onboard.
  • Deploy the ONLY sales funnel you should ever run paid traffic to! (Do this, and selling thousands of dollars in programs each month will be like taking candy from a baby.)
  • Use our "almost magic" way to create 100% duplication within your business. Learn how to duplicate yourself and build the BEST team money can't buy!
  • Avoid the "big lie" of hiring top talent... and why you should avoid "good trainers" like the plague!
  • Finally understand why the best way ever discovered to make money in fitness... and make it fast... is to do the exact OPPOSITE of what most other fitness marketers do.
  • You will master consumer psychology — often used by cult leaders and other persuasion masters — that lets you instantly tap into the buying "hot buttons" of everyone you talk to.
  • You will understand why telling your prospects your company is "going to get them great results" and has helped hundreds of residents lose weight will actually destroy your chances of signing them up!
  • You won't make the most common "sales killing" mistake people make when sending follow-up texts and emails to their new leads (Do NOT send another follow-up email or text message to another prospect, customer or lead until you learn our system for this!).
  • You will learn the only two things you should send a prospect who wants more information (Hint: This has NOTHING to do with your program, company or workout/nutrition plans).
  • You will finally have your entire customer base loyally following you to another location when you grow (no clients left behind)... with the push of a button!
  • You will immediately get your business into positive cash flow (making it almost impossible for you to ever want to quit or leave to do something else).

These are VERY TYPICAL results experienced by our members within the first 6-months of joining...

Still, Want More Proof? Check Out These Real World Case Studies of Fit Pros Just Like You Who Have Seen MASSIVE RESULTS Using The Fit Pro Lab!

Check Out Brian's Case Study!

Brian traveled for 6 weeks and bought his building!

Check Out Phil's Case Study!

Phil went from broke as hell to booked solid!

Check Out Alexis' Case Study!

Alexis DOUBLED her clients and her revenue!

Check Out Aubrey's Case Study!

Aubrey maxed out her first and opened a second facility!

Check Out Scott's Case Study!

Scott's member base is up 50% (and his revenue)!

I recently put ALL these Tools and Systems into an easy-to-follow implementation program called:

"The Fit Pro Lab"

And it contains the exact "blueprint" I used to transform a failing, crippled, money-sucking fitness venture into a six-figure income in just four months, and 3.2 million in sales in just 32 months!

I originally designed it when I first started opening gyms, because I was helping so many people... so quickly... I couldn't keep up with all of them.

In some cases, I actually had to turn people away — with a "waiting list" of people who wanted to train with me (can you imagine having that "problem?")

This is the "secret weapon" of many of today's best fitness entrepreneurs.

So I put my entire Systems Library into one "done-for-you" implementation program (24 Systems) that I could hand to new fit pros who wanted to successfully scale their fitness business quickly.

This program has since transformed the lives of hundreds of fitness entrepreneurs in every niche in the industry — including fit pros who struggled to keep even one single client before.

And, until four months ago, it was ONLY available to my personal coaching clients.

However, if you enroll today... you'll have the opportunity to instantly access this powerful systems library and software stack immediately.

Plus... if you enroll in The Fit Pro Lab today... I'll also give you 4 extremely valuable bonuses you can't find anywhere else, for any price, including:

In fact, more fitness entrepreneurs use my system to generate more leads, close more sales, and make more money, than any other software-based implementation program because it works so well, and that's a fact.

Plus, this 100% online system is loaded with valuable training documents and resources you can't find anywhere.

Everyone else used to pay $697 per month for this service, and it would cost you over $460,000 to develop it on your own, but when you enroll in the Fit Pro Lab today...

You Get Instant Access At No Additional Cost!

This rare sales training covers the details of a simple technique I've used to make up to $3.2MM in cash in less than 32 Months.

(*see earnings disclaimer)

And before you even ask... ANYONE can use this system — no matter who you are or how much you know about closing sales. Best part:

This training is instant. As soon as your order is processed and your software is set up you have 100% unlimited access (You can literally be listening to it in the next 30 minutes!).

You Get Instant Access At No Additional Cost!

These automated onboarding systems are like solid gold for every fitness entrepreneur who wants to make onboarding new clients super easy and highly profitable.

Here's What's Inside:

The Onboarding Matrix: My secret formula for creating killer program delivery.

It even includes my personal top 10 systems! You can " swipe and plunder" them for your own use... and generate retention levels you never dreamed possible.

It's like someone is holding your client's hand 24/7

(This matrix alone is worth a small fortune!).

Let's look at what you get with the Onboarding Supersystem 2.0:

Online Program Playbooks: Imagine giving each and every new client their own online member area where they can download their program materials, submit progress pics, upload documents, chat with you, learn new things, refer friends, and get rewarded for doing things that drive your business forward - all from the comfort of their phone!

Automated Motivational Daily Emails: Whether your program is 7 days or 12 months, your clients can receive a motivation email every day, helping them to stay motivated and avoid all the stumbling blocks that will destroy their results.

This means longer retention and better engagement for you and better results for your clients!

Automated Touch Texts: As an owner, it's important that you check in regularly with your clients.

With the Onboarding Super-System, automated "touch texts" your clients will receive automated sequential personal text messages from you, checking in and seeing how their program is going.

This has been MONUMENTAL for our clients getting HUGE retention and referral rates.

Automated Staff Reminders: Your staff (if you have them) can receive automated reminders telling them to call certain clients at specific waypoints in their program to check in and see if they need anything to get better results.

Our system will text and email your staff member with the name and phone number of the client as well as what they should say for maximum client happiness!

Automated Rewards System: When your client takes actions that move your business forward, such as submitting a referral form or posting a progress pic, our software will send them reward dollars that can only be spent at your facility on your programs.

Our rewards have been responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in extra revenue for our Fit Pro Lab members.

Done For You Everything: Yep you read correctly.

The Onboarding Supersystem 2.0 comes complete with one file you upload and all your done-for-you material will be magically transplanted into your account.

And... so much more!

All you do is connect and deploy.

You can be up and running in just an hour.

You Get Instant Access At No Additional Cost!

In this 52 template system, you'll have everything you need to create high converting email campaigns and conversion crushing landing pages (and there's a LOT more to it than you think!)

Including how to turn your email list (no matter how small) into a "recurring revenue machine" and add thousands of dollars to your bottom line every year from just your list — resulting in even MORE free leads, more sales... and more money in your pocket.

You'll also get the inside secrets to advanced marketing automation and running specific campaigns like flash sales in a way that increases your bank account while getting your clients better results.

This secret literally generates over $25,000 a year extra for me)... and much, much more.

Anyway, what does The Fit Pro Lab cost?

Before I made it available to the general public, this program was originally $8,000 plus an additional $997 per year

So I have no doubt I could easily charge hundreds of dollars per month for this with no problem.

But I'm not asking you to pay anywhere NEAR that much money.

As you can clearly see by now, this is an unbelievable value at $697/ Month, however I know times are tough right now...

I want to give you every reason to take advantage of this amazing program today, so I’m going to give you a chance to join this amazing program right now at a steep discount...

When I originally ran this by some of my top students, they said I would be crazy to offer it for anything less than $497.

Obviously, they know the value because they’ve experienced the results for themselves.

Since you and I don’t know each other, I want to give you every reason to say yes to what I have for you...

At first, I was going to cut the price in half, which is only a monthly investment of $247.

If you enroll today...

you can join our program, set up your AMAZING business software STACK, get access to EVERYTHING (and get the bonuses above) for a mere $97.

You can also test drive the Fit Pro Lab program for a full 14 days risk-free.

If you love it do nothing and you will continue to be billed monthly at just $97 per month.

Now I know if you’ve gotten this far and you’re reading this, you’re probably ready to get started, but I want to do you one better and make this an absolute no-brainer for you…

Your Fit Pro Lab Membership Includes:

Fit Funnels™Pro Account

Onboard Me™Pro Account

Not Only Do You Get This POWERFUL Automation Software Included In Your Lab Membership, You Also Get 24 of our BEST Done-For-You Business Systems To SWIPE and DEPLOY!

If you enroll today...

You will get 24 of our BEST Done-For-You semi-automated, and fully- automated systems you can literally unwrap, import, and deploy into your existing business!

Here is just a sample of the categories of systems you will soon have piloting your business:

Clarity & Planning Systems

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This statement could not be more accurate.

Without properly planning your business success from the ground up, and creating a detailed sustainable long term vision, most businesses fail to take off and achieve what is known as Escape Velocity.

Using these DFY clarity systems you can rest assured you will build a bulletproof fitness business. We guarantee it!

Authority Systems

If they know you, like you, and trust you - they will buy from you!

Without properly collecting reviews, testimonials, case studies, before and after photos, progress pics, and achievement data, you can not really prove you are a legitimate fitness provider.

Collecting all this authority content from your members can be very difficult unless you have automated systems doing it for you. We've got you covered there!

Lead Generation Systems

Getting high-quality leads at affordable rates is easy when you know your numbers!

Most fitness businesses fail to accurately simulate their lead generation costs and wind up losing money on paid advertising.

When you know your numbers, using systems to create ads and offers that convert, you will be able to scale paid traffic all day long!

Our DFY Lead Systems will get you leads on autopilot!

Sales Generation Systems

Making Sales is easy when you follow our PROVEN 6-step process!

This is the same process we used to generate $3.2 MILLION in fitness sales and grow a chiropractic office from zero to 1000 patients!

It is also the same system our members have used to generate enough sales revenue to open multiple locations and buy their buildings.

Our DFY Sales Systems will get you clients on autopilot!

Program Delivery Systems

Getting high retention and referrals is easy when you know how to automate your onboarding process!

This is probably your strongest asset. Using our powerful automation software and all the pre-designed onboarding tools, you will be able to triple your retention rates and drastically increase your referral rates because your customers will have such a memorable "new customer" experience at your facility.

Our DFY Program Delivery Systems will get you retention and referrals on autopilot!

Growth & Scalability Systems

Getting consistent business growth is easy when you know how to duplicate yourself!

Scalability all boils down to the power of your team. If you have a good team and automated program delivery systems, scaling will be a walk in the park.

If you can QUICKLY attract, hire, and train a team while tracking and improving your company key performance indicators, you are likely to experience exponential growth!

Our DFY Growth Systems will help you build a bulletproof team and business operation.

Let's Face Facts... When You Have BULLETPROOF Automated Systems Like These Running 24/7 Behind The Scenes In Your Business - You CAN'T FAIL!

Why Is The Price Of This Extremely Powerful Implementation Program So Low?

It's simple.

When you get a taste of just how valuable these insider fitness business growth secrets and tools are, you will stay forever and just make The Fit Pro Lab part of your fixed operating investment.


You'll want more of the same real-world success services I offer.

And if that's the case, we'll both be getting a great deal in the long run.

I will have a long-term program member and possible private services client and you will have sustained business and personal growth!

Plus, it comes with our 14 Day, "Can't-Lose" Guarantee:

If You're Not THRILLED... I'll Buy The Program Back From You... And You can KEEP The Automated Attraction Formula.

That means you have ZERO risk.

So enroll now, before it slips your mind.

Here's how to join: To join with your credit card on our 100% secure server, simply click the "Add To Cart" buttons at the bottom of this page.

Remember, you risk nothing.

In fact, with this super-generous guarantee...

There's Simply No Way You Can Lose!

Now I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Brian, why would you make such an insane offer by practically giving this away?”

Well, that’s a great question and the answer is because I have a bigger vision.

You see, I'm on a mission to help 1000 fitness entrepreneurs who are hardcore dedicated to helping their fellow man find lasting health.

I will help them gain financial freedom this year.

I also want to add 100 new case studies to my portfolio and I want yours to be the next one!

PLUS, I know once you get results with The Fit Pro Lab, you’re going to want to do business with me in the future...

So here are 7 more Darn Good Reasons to take action now...

1) Your investment is tax deductible…

2) You are saving 50% for life when you enroll today...

3) You’re getting $4997 in free bonuses

4) You get to join a growing tribe of like-minded fitness entrepreneurs

5) Nobody operating in your zip code will be allowed in the program!

6) You get an unfair advantage your competitors will never have (Our proprietary software)

7) You’re guaranteed results or you get your money back…

Basically, you have nothing to lose by saying yes, so go ahead and...

Now I want to give you fair warning...

I’m taking this letter down when we hit 150 members and at that time, the monthly rate will double forever...

I’m only taking on 72 more charter members and...

This amazing program will never be made available again at this ridiculously low investment.

Why pay more later when you don’t have too?

If you don’t do anything about your overwhelming scalability problem, you will continue to fall behind, be even more miserable, and your life will continue to get much harder…

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result...

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